OUR PIZZA is made out of

fermented yeast doug (sourdough)


To prepare our dough, we use several types of high-quality Italian strong flour for a long rise, an extremely small amount of brewer’s yeast, yeast, salt and, of course, our Gorenjska water. Yeast is a natural leavening agent, simply a mixture of flour and water, which begins to ferment at a certain temperature and time frame. From two ingredients, we obtain a leavening agent that was used by our ancestors and completely replaces brewer’s or dry yeast.

The prepared dough is fermented for 72 hours at different temperatures.

The result of long fermentation is the broken down carbohydrates and sugars found in the flour. With this method of preparation, we prevent the dough from rising again in your stomach, and as a result, you will feel not bloated and satisfied after eating.


30 years of tradition!

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